The Lotus Domes are designed to be monuments to both the human condition and the human potential. Able to be assembled in pristine, sacred locations around the world, they offer the awareness that we are all One People, truly, all Brothers and Sisters. As our species blossoms into the new millennia, the Lotus Domes are presented as post-sectarian, post-denominational, post-nationalistic symbols of the beauty, peace and joy, inherent within each and every one of us, that now deserve external, physical expression.

And yet, as you read this from somewhere around the world, is this not also what the Internet represents? The Internet, as well, knows no borders, gender, race, creed, ideology or color of skin. The entire “Family of Humanity” is able to be linked together as never before, with no barriers between one mind and another.

The Lotus Domes and the Internet are an exciting combination. Representing, and linking, the hearts and minds of all of our peoples, together these tools could assist in bring an unprecedented level of peace, joy, excitement and understanding to this beautiful planet.

With the Internet’s ability to link people anywhere in the world, with full audio and video capabilities via satellite communications, and the Lotus Dome’s capabilities to be used as portable, self-contained, state-of-the-art presentation and broadcast facilities, we can now literally cover the world with dramatic demonstrations of One World/One Heart/One Mind.

As people realize the common bonds that join us all, perhaps finally, our differences can be seen as our greatest gifts to each other, rather than as a source of endless conflict. Performances and presentations, live-linked around the world, can now be experienced by people in locations that don’t have telephones, electricity or even plumbing.

I leave it to your imagination to consider the potential impact of this opportunity.

I ask for your help in bringing this to fruition. The technologies already exist, but as the saying goes: “I can’t do it alone!” We’re looking for creative, dedicated people to assist in furthering this synergy of hearts, minds and technologies; the rewards for promoting these concepts and technologies are boundless as well. Therefore, as I have written in a number of places on this web site:

Please, join us!

Richard Fairbanks
Fairbanks Productions, Inc.


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“Let Us Get Together Right Down Here
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Let Us Do Our Dancin’ Right Down Here
Let Us Get Together Right Down Here”


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