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“A Celebration of Compassion Tour:

Pep Rallies for the Human Race!"


Mission Statement

The purpose for “A Celebration of Compassion Tour: Pep Rallies for the Human Race!” is to bring to the world workshops, guest artists, performances and revelry celebrating the power of human compassion.

We live in a world of greater change and uncertainty than may ever have been known in our history. Much is happening around our world to awaken us to the awareness that we truly are “One People,” yet these times are also bringing up all the fear, pain and uncertainty that accompanies such an unprecedented change.

It is our desire to focus attention on a universal force that we believe can unite all people, everywhere on the planet. With the enormous range of ideologies, philosophies, religions and cultures that our world holds, this almost inexpressible yearning ache that lives deep within every human heart (and that we call the heart-felt desire to live in peace, joy and prosperity) may be the only unifying element we have.

Yet it is truly enough.

For were we to understand that it is our diversity, from person to person and from culture to culture, that is our greatest strength and richest resource, we would then know that unconditional compassion for each other, regardless of, and in fact, because of our differences, is a key that can unlock the future we all desire, no matter what form each of us imagines that future taking. We believe that each and every one of us can have whatever our heart desires, but first we must be able to recognize that deepest truth. Let us open ourselves to the inner wisdom of the heart by accepting compassion both for ourselves and for each other.

If there is to be a celebration of “Peace On Earth,” let it begin with all of us, here and now. For such a celebration can only, and eventually only will, come from us. So let us model to the world now, in spite of all the terror and pain that is permeating every corner of our globe, that there is still a cause for celebration and the key that we offer is compassion. Let us be a voice that offers the option of “peace within our times.” Let us BE an option of peace, joy and compassion.

Please, join us.



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