A Sanctuary for the Study of Healing through the Arts


“A Sanctuary for the Study of Healing through the Arts” is a conference and retreat center dedicated to the conscious development of a new social and environmental expression that will assist in the unfoldment of that “New World” which until now has only been a collective dream. A state-of-the-art, nature-based complex, it consists of short-term housing units, conference facilities, a cabaret restaurant, offices, libraries, research facilities and a natural, open-air amphitheatre. The center would be fully computerized and would maintain constant communication with the outside world through fully digital, modem and satellite links. The dome-shaped buildings, as well as all infrastructures, are designed to be innovative models of environmental integrity.

Another name for this facility could just as easily be “An International Think-Tank for Human Evolution.” We have chosen the proposed name, however, because of the three basic premises that this center is devoted to exploring: Healing, Leadership and Presentation (please also see the “Mission Statement”). The word “Healing” in the title refers to the awakening of consciousness that can assist members of our species in understanding the true fullness of interconnectivity that joins us all. Healing is desired at this time on all levels: emotional, environmental, familial, social, political, religious, racial, gender and planetary.

The aspect of “Leadership” is referred to in the word “Study” for when we are willing to explore, together, with fresh eyes, new beliefs that can free us from the pre-programmed patterns that no longer serve us, we will then be able to fully understand the maxim: “You Cannot Build A New World With Old World Tools.” Our planet continues to evolve at an ever-accelerating rate and the coming years will bring unprecedented changes in lives, families, communities and countries through-out the world. New methods of dealing effectively with these changes are necessary to create a world wherein all forms of life can live in peace, joy and prosperity, dignity and honor, and where diversity is a quality that is cherished and encouraged.

Finally, the concept of “Presentation” is expressed in the word “Arts,” for all expressions of life are, and can consciously be, living forms of art. Thus the choice of using art forms as a means of exploring new ideas and beliefs allows these evolutionary concepts to be presented as gifts from one to another; gifts that can be pondered and explored upon whatever level is most appropriate for any individual.

These facilities would be used, as an example of these “New Tools,” to explore greater degrees of awareness, understanding and compassion. It is no longer a mystery that enclosed spaces create conditions and emotions specific to their shape and purpose. These domes are designed to be resonant chambers that focus, amplify and accelerate transformational as well as healing energies. Thus no matter how these facilities are utilized: from experiential, personal healing modalities, to workshops on the exploration of new environmental technologies, to conferences on re-defining the evolutionary patterns of human belief systems, these spaces are designed to allow expanded awarenesses and possibilities to flower and blossom in peace, joy and excitement. It is our desire to create an inspirational, nurturing environment in which bold visions of a new world and compassion for all forms of life may flourish in abundance to be shared with an awakening planet.



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