A Sanctuary for the Study of Healing through the Arts

Mission Statement

The time has come when it is no longer possible to simply talk about joyful and harmonious visions of the future. These are the days that require action. To create a new world that is guided by an unconditional love for, and a harmonious and peaceful co-existence with, all that exists, we feel the following three things are necessary:


To heal the wounds of past abuses and neglect through post-denominational, non-judgmental processes that honor and love unconditionally all who come for healing. Healing the human heart is a process that cannot be forced or dictated. Just as there are no two creations of nature that are identical, there is no limit to the paths of healing. Healing, however, can be guided and supported, and nurtured and honored, within a sacred space dedicated to such a purpose.


To provide an environment that not only encourages and facilitates healing, but also offers a model of how to create a world of peace and harmony. All of the technologies for such a world already exist. This environment would not only offer healing to individuals, but would also be a model of healing for the planet. Sustaining our existence on this planet is no longer enough; our planet too, needs to be allowed to heal.


To explore a greater understanding of the bonds between all living things and to present such studies and experiences in a positive manner that inspires and motivates others to pursue their own exploration of these primary concepts. We do not offer answers; we can only offer options. Answers to the basic questions of life, just as healing processes, are individualized and we honor and encourage others to join us in our explorations so that we all may benefit. The views of all of us are equally valuable and, just as importantly, equally necessary.

We believe that the processes of healing the past and building the future are inseparable. We, and only we, are capable of changing our world. Through heartfelt passion, bold vision, unwavering determination and with a full human history of talent supporting us, we will create a world that until now has only been a dream. There is no turning back.

Please join us.



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