A Sanctuary for the Study of Healing through the Arts

“A Celebration of Compassion Tour:

Pep Rallies for the Human Race!”



The intention of our “A Celebration of Compassion Tour—Pep Rallies for the Human Race!” is to take to people around the world a celebration of the power of human compassion. In an atmosphere of post-political, post-denominational, post-dogmatic, and very human, honor and awareness, we offer workshops, experiential presentations, performances, music and dance. The clear, flower-bud-shaped dome we gather under is designed to symbolize the immanent bursting forth of an era of greater compassion and wisdom: a monument to both the human condition and to the human potential.

We feel that the time is ripe to take this celebration on the road as there are many who are, for one reason or another, unable to travel to distant cities and stay in hotel rooms in order to meet with like-minded groups of people. It is our experience that compassion is a quality that is not bred of intellect, social status, race, religion, gender or wealth, but rather a quality that exists within every human heart. Thus we will be presenting our services at local fields, forests and campgrounds so that people may either commute from home, stay in tents or at nearby lodging. The clear domes and natural surroundings are intended to reinforce our relationship with our planet. The main dome sits on a platform to minimize disruption of the land and to express our desire to “take only memories; leave only footprints.”

The services we are offering consist of four, and possibly five, days of events. We feel that compassion for others begins with compassion for ourselves. Thus the first two days of our celebrations are designed to offer each of us the opportunity to explore and develop a greater understanding of who we, as individuals, really are, beyond the fears and the pre-conceived notions to which we have grown so accustomed. The second two or three days of our programming are designed to explore our connections with all other form of life here on our beautiful planet Earth and our evenings are set aside for celebratory performances and dancing, for ourselves, each other and the world around us. The proposed performance piece, “Of E. E. I Sing,” is a celebration of the touching poetry of E. E. Cummings put to music and movement.

It is our experience that it is the wisdom of the human heart, freed from fears and struggles, that accesses the most powerful and creative of all forces.



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